Real Estate Services

Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee

We found early in our consulting business that timberland location and property disposal are important, integral parts of helping landowners manage their natural resource portfolio.

Land, timber, wildlife, improvements and location make up the property package. As professional foresters and real estate agents, we can help you allocate actual value to timber, land and other improvements on a property to determine an acceptable purchase price or sales price.

We can help you identify, manage and implement the income opportunities your property may be capable of providing and help you position yourself strategically regarding taxes. (See Foresty Services for more information.)

Real Estate Services Include:

  • Real Estate Brokerage in Mississippi and Tennessee
  • Land Sales
  • Land Evaluation and Acquisition


Let us help you find the property you are looking for or let us find the buyer that is looking for the property you are interested in selling with our comprehensive Real Estate Services in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.